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About Us

About Sound offers an ever increasing range of audio related services with exemplary sound at the heart of everything we do.

The heritage of the company is based upon classical music recording and production which continues to be a core activity with an enviable legacy of experience making award winning recordings with household name artists in the country's most iconic venues. Our customers range from the foremost orchestras and choirs to prominent record labels, broadcasters and private individuals.

The discerning nature of classical recording lends itself to other related disciplines, namely design and installation of sound systems. Initially, we were asked to develop recording systems for collegiate chapels and cathedrals wishing to webcast their daily sung services. This in turn led to consulting on PA systems in heritage buildings and consequently About Sound has become a specialist installer of high quality discreet sound systems for sensitive buildings where sound needs to he heard but not seen. Our customers are churches, cathedrals, concert halls, educational establishments and museums.

The key to designing good systems is of course listening. First, we listen intently to the customer to gain a deep understanding of how they need sound to work for them. Whilst acoustic models are very useful at the design stage, there is no substitute for listening to proposed equipment in situ before committing to a final specification. Lastly, once the system is installed, critical listening at the commissioning stage ensures the best possible performance. And it's not just about how it sounds; most of our customers are equally concerned about how the system looks and how easy it is to operate.

Not being affiliated to any particular manufacturer, we constantly scan the market for the latest, best-of-breed products. There is a huge advantage of having a production arm to the business in which technology is proven from an operational perspective, meaning we can recommend products based upon real world experience rather than purely on specification.

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